Refueling & Defueling Truck


Airports are areas that have certain limits that are used as a place for aircraft to land and take off, boarding passengers, loading and unloading goods, and moving places between modes of transportation equipped with flight safety and security facilities, as well as other basic and supporting facilities. Airport facilities provided aim to serve arrivals, departures and movements of aircraft on land. One of these facilities is GSE (Ground Support Equipment). GSE is a vehicle or equipment that we will encounter when the plane we boarded reaches the destination. Passengers who sit in the rightmost seat will usually see refueling vehicles - defueling trucks and cargo transporter loaders. Refueling De-refueling Truck (RDT) is a vehicle and equipment used to refuel aircraft while on land. Even in some cases it can be used to pump and accommodate fuel from the aircraft.


This training aims to refresh Certified Refueller Operators (CROs) in order to operate Refueling and Defueling Truck and carry out maintenance of tools used to supply fuel (avtur/avgas) into aircraft fuel tank.

Who Should Attend

GSE Licence Holder Rating RDT


Pelita Air Training Center Bandar Udara Pondok Cabe Jl. Pondok Cabe Raya Pamulang – Tangerang Selatan


Initial Training : 4 Days

Licence Validity

1 Years