Passenger With Special Needs

Airport Information



Passenger with special needs who require special assistance are strongly advised to be able to convey their needs at the time of making a reservation or through our contact center (wheelchair assistance service or others).

Expectant mothers are strongly advised to consult a doctor to get a medical recommendation letter or a certificate of airworthiness. The validity of the doctor’s medical certificate is no more than 7 (seven) days since its issue date

In certain conditions where expectant mother cannot show medical recommendation letter or certificate of airworthiness from a doctor, The expectant mother also required to sign a Form of Indemnity issued by Pelita Air Service at the Check-in counter which absolving Pelita’s liability from any incidents that may occur as the result of the flight. If the passenger unable to sign the statement, the passenger can appoint his/her designated family to sign the statement.

Expectant mother with gestational age above 36 weeks, are not accepted for air travel.

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