Cabin Baggage

Airport Information

Cabin Baggage is goods carried by the Passenger and under the control of the Passenger. Each passenger is only allowed to bring one (one) main cabin baggage.


The main cabin baggage weight is a maximum of 7 (seven) kilograms and a maximum dimension of 56x36x23 centimeters for the A320 aircraft fleet.


In addition to the main cabin baggage, each passenger is allowed to bring one free carry-on item. The free items allowed on Pelita Air Service flights include:

  • Handbag (laptop) or handbag (purse or pocketbook)
  • Overcoat or blanket
  • Umbrella or walking stick
  • Pocket camera or binoculars
  • Fair amount of reading material
  • Cabin size baby stroller
  • Cabin-sized or collapsible wheelchairs, or walking crutches used by passengers

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