4 Surabaya Must Have Souvenirs

By Erlangga D. Aprianto

You've had a full day of discovery a new culture, visit touristy spots, and meeting new people when you remember there's one final thing you need to do: souvenir buying. It doesn't look enticing to go to the tourist trap stores in the city center, though. Is there anything you can find that is more real and unforgettable to take home with you from Surabaya?

Here’s our top 4 Surabaya must have souvenirs that you might consider buying

1. Crispy Almond

Since the early 2015, crispy almond cookies have been a trademarked as local delicacies from Surabaya. Many visitors love these cookies with its unique crispy texture and sweet taste. Crispy Almond comes with a lot of different taste, from original cheese, matcha, and many more.

2. Sambal Bawang

For those of you who are spicy lover, you might don’t want to forget this specialty sambal to bring home. One of many sambals brand, Bu Rudy has been massively searching by many spicy enthusiasts due to it comes with so many variants. You can easily pair this sambal with hot rice and simple side dish for your perfect lunch menu.

3. Cak Cuk T-shirt

Apart from its culinary and delicacy, Surabaya also offers a unique souvenir of shirt with signature Surabaya words and design. Cak-Cuk is one of local Surabaya brand that has succeeded in placing its brand at the forefront of Surabaya visitors, of course by continuously innovating. Others than t-shirt, Cak Cuk also produced another interesting souvenir such as mug, magnets, bag and others.

4. Spikoe Resep Kuno

Spikoe is a very delicious Indonesian layer cake. The firm-textured cake is a Dutch-Indonesian version of the European multi-layered spit cake. Surabaya offers many brands of these delicious cake. Its signature savory and sweet taste make these cake are loved by many Surabaya’s visitors.

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