5 Best Photo Spots in Jakarta

By Erlangga Dwi Aprianto


Everyone loves selfie, nowadays. From cool artsy gallery to the magnificent skyscraper view, here’s our 5 top best photo spots in Jakarta.


ASHTA District 8

Located in the heart of SCBD district, ASHTA District 8 has attracted so many attentions to Jakarta youth and visitors. Surrounded by skyscraper building around it, this Mall presents a unique atmosphere, that many say like the scenery in New York.

Visitor can enjoy a line of local and international cafes with superb metropolitan vibes, and finally you can capture this view from the balcony in the outdoor area.


Museum Macan (Modern and Contemporary Art in Nusantara)

Visiting this famous gallery is killing two birds with one stone. Visitor is not only be amazed with so many creative art peace from national and global prominent artist, but also having a chance to take a picture in the corner of infinity room and others terrific art installation

Yayoi Kusama, a quirky artist from Japan that famous for her artwork in the form of polka dots, nets, and pumpkins, is having her exhibition here at MACAN. Not only interesting to look at, these works invite visitors to take pictures and upload them to social media.

One of the works that should not be missed is the infinity room. In this room, we are surrounded by dots of various colours and sizes, like being in outer space.


Walking Tunnel Sudirman

This pedestrian area is increasingly famous to become the next epicentrum of Jakarta youth, where now getting more artistic. Started as connecting tunnel that connect many strategic landmark like Sudirman Station, TransJakarta Tosari ICBC Bus Stop, and Dukuh Atas MRT Station, this tunnels is passed by people passing by or just taking pictures with sparkling lights and colourful murals.

From the inside of tunnel, we can see that there are various colourful murals that adorn the right and left walls. The walls with pictures of people and the atmosphere of the city are the collaboration work of Jakarta and Berlin Artists.


Pantjoran PIK

Pantjoran PIK is a culinary center that is practically viral. In addition to its culinary tours, this tourist spot also presents unique and interesting photo spots. Carrying the concept of China Town, this place is filled with many modern Chinese attributes on every corners.

from the entrance you can find a fairly large gate. The combination of red, brown, and gold colours shows an inherent Chinese impression and vibe. Usually this gate is the most popular photo spots. Beside that, There are also approximately 8 dioramas created by the artist, Gladys Teo-Simpson that presents different stories that teach history and cultural background of Chinese roots.


Kota Tua

Kota Tua is a historical icon that contains historical value and has a variety of interesting tours to visit. This place holds a memory in an area far from modern called Kota Tua Jakarta or also known as Old Batavia (Oud Batavia). Old buildings, remnants of the city of Batavia can be seen clearly at several points, such as the Kota Intan Bridge, Bank Indonesia Museum, Fatahilah Museum, Kali Besar area and others.

You can also feel the atmosphere of old Jakarta by visiting Cafe Batavia or strolling around the Zion Church, the oldest church that has been around since the 17th century. With a classic atmosphere, you can take cool photos for status updates on your Instagram.

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