PT Pelita Air Service (PAS) is your best solution to various aviation services in all region of Indonesia.

Aircraft Charter

Provide services of VVIP flight, passenger transport, cargo charter, executive jet, offshore transportation, external load, medical evacuation, seismic operation, geological survey, helirig, rain making activity, or forest firefighting.


Conduct technical course, aviation professional course, aviation professional service, and training through Pelita Air Training Centre.


Focusing on Industrial MRO, Aircraft MRO, and Plane Component Service.

Airport Management

We are managing our own airports. Our services include handling VIP/VVIP, ground handling, apron and hangar parking lease as well as office space and class room rental.


Pemegang Saham Angkat Muhammad Priadi sebagai Direktur Keuangan & Umum Pelita Air Service

Rapat Umum Pemegang Saham (RUPS) secara sirkuler PT Pelita Air Service mengangkat Muhammad Priadi sebagai Direktur Keuangan dan Umum.

PT Badak NGL kontrak Pelita Air Service untuk Pesawat Operasional

PT Pelita Air Service (PT PAS) dan PT Badak NGL menandatangani Kontrak Kerja Sama  di Executive Lounge Gedung Utama Kantor Pusat Pertamina.

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