List of Participants Passing Through the Selection Process of Cabin Crew Recruitment 2017

Jakarta, 30 July 2017
No Name Date of Birth
1 Andi Amalia 16-Nov-92
2 Anggun Puspita Sari 04-Aug-94
3 Asti Sulistiawati 05-Nov-92
4 Elina Nurhayati 26-Jan-95
5 Gitta Dela Lorenza Zein 07-Jul-94
6 Icha Artha 10-Sep-95
7 Ismiralda Wulandari 29-Mar-95
8 Martina Pandu Safitri 06-Mar-95



  1. For those participants who have been announced to passed through selecetion shall submit the required documents on:
    Day / Date : Monday / 31th July 2017
    Time : 10.00 am – finish
    Venue : HRGA Department, Hanggar Gate 3
    Airport at Pondok Cabe
  2. Dress Code :
    Smart Casual
  3. Documents :
    3.1. Copies of Personal Identities :
    (All participants must bring the following documents)
    – Birth Certificate
    – Identity Card
    – Family Card
    – Saving Account
    – Taxpayer Registration Number
    – Driving License (If available)
    – Copies of Latest Diploma (Legalised)
    – Flight Attendant Certificate (FAC)

3.2. Supporting documents:
– Original Copy of Crime Record Statement /SKCK (from Police)
– Application Letter (original)
– Curriculum Vitae (Original with stamp)
– Non-married Status Statement (with stamp)
– Parental Authorisation (with stamp)
– 1 copy of newest photograph for postcard
– Newest photograph of 4×6 cm (3 copies)

3.3. Copies Mandatory Training Certificates:
(All the participants must bring the original documents)
– Safety Management System
– Dangerous Good
– Emergency Drill
– Aviation Security

Participants who could not submit and show one of the above documents, must make a statement letter with legal stamp (can be downloaded “here”)

Download Links:

Document Checklist
Statement of Document Authenticity

South Tangerang, 30th July 2017

Recruitment Team

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