From a historical beginning of supporting exploration and exploitation of oil and natural gas fields, PT. Pelita Air Service (PAS) is now offering services to companies that plan to operate, or are already operating in this part of the world, it extensive first-class award winning services :

  • Passenger Transport
  • VVIP/Executive
  • Offshore
  • External Load such as banner and short/long sling line
  • Medical Evacuation
  • Seismic Operation
  • Geological Survey
  • Helirig
  • Support and Training

PAS has gained international recognition (American Helicopter Association, Helicopter Association International, Lockheed, Mobil Oil, Zymex Switzerland Aviation, Deutsche Airbus Service Center, etc.) with participation in a variety of international activities, namely :

  • Neutralization of a Major Oil Spill in the UK and South Korea
  • The Paris – Dakkar Rally
  • Oil Explorations in Papua New Guinea, Malaysia and the Philippines
  • United Nations and International Red Cross Light Operations in Africa
  • United Nations and International Red Cross Humanitarian Missions in South East Asia and various African countries

Domestically, PAS is trusted to render its services to the country’s President, Vice-President, and other dignitaries of the nation including visiting heads of state.
With an ability of covering terrains that are difficult or impossible to reach by any other mode of transportation, PAS is also trusted to support national programs such as the transportation of personnel and equipment engaged in oil operations on a routine basis.

With a maintenance subsidiary – PT. IndoPelita Aircraft Services – PAS has the ability and expertise of conducting maintenance and repair work from its exclusively owned airfield in Pondok Cabe (south Jakarta) consisting of hangar, warehouse and a 3,000 meters runway.